John Mark McMillan ‘Smile In The Mystery’ Review
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(Lionhawk Records)

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John Mark McMillan ‘Smile In The Mystery’ Review

John Mark McMillan
Smile In The Mystery
(Lionhawk Records)

At this point in his storied career, there’s little that John Mark McMillan has yet to do save for craft a Christmas album, but with the release of Smile In The Mystery, the artist can check off that box on his list as well. Featuring a mix of originals and covers, the seven-song set delivers just what listeners have come to expect from McMillan’s work: artistic, compelling, and thoughtful music.

Original song “BabySon” sets the bar high from the outset, delivering on all those aforementioned fronts. He showcases a compelling lyric set against an eclectic soundscape with a building choral backing while he puts a holiday spin on the oft-covered Dylan track, “Make You Feel My Love.” Sarah McMillan takes the reins on the superb“Silver and Gold,” her voice lending the track an emotive note that reaches straight to the heart before the duo come together later for a beautiful duet of “Silent Night/Smile In The Mystery.”

A gift even prettier than it’s packaging, John Mark McMillan’s Smile In The Mystery is one you’ll be glad to have under your tree this year.

–Andrew Greenhalgh

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