Jayden Frost – ‘Everything EP’ album review
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Empire Of The Sun, Britt Nicole, M83

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"The Promise (2016)"

Jayden Frost – ‘Everything EP’ album review

Jayden Frost, CCM Magazine - imageIn our current musical climate of 80s-influenced synth pop, it’s only natural to see a guy like Jayden Frost returning to the scene. Former member of the band that produced arguably one of the biggest hits of that decade, When In Rome’s “The Promise”—which enjoyed rebirth after appearing on the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack in 2004—specifically, Frost’s comeback has been anything but natural. From 80s hit wonder, solo artist pursuits, temporarily losing his voice, stints as a professional wrestler, to now owning and running his own vintage toy store in Dallas, TX—the multi-faceted singer, in collaboration with producers Ian Eskelin and Barry Weeks, releases his aptly titled faith-based EP, Everything. Note, dancing shoes required.

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