Inspiration Worship ‘Powerful’ Album Review
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Inspiration Worship ‘Powerful’ Album Review

Inspiration Worship
(Radiate Music)

Inspiration Worship’s first full-length album, Powerful, features a twelve song line-up ranging from synth pop numbers to melodic ballads. The moving story behind the project comes out of lead vocalist Linda Doane’s battle with cancer, and a subsequent spiritual journey that moved her faith from “religion to relationship.”

Doane’s breathy vocals hit the ground running with the album’s opener, an electronic dance track entitled “Take Me.” The song’s hook prays for “more strength to run this race” with an ensuing commitment that “I’ll never stop till I see your face.” “One God” is another upbeat synth track points to the revelation that God transcends all other gods.

“I Can’t Fix You,” one of the album’s singles, is a poignant ballad written about Doane’s daughter’s battle with anorexia. The song’s heartfelt cry—“I can’t fix you, but I’m begging God to”—will resonate with those that have ever watched a loved one battle some sort of addiction.

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