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Hillsong Young & Free – ‘Youth Revival (acoustic)’ album review
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Hillsong Young & Free – ‘Youth Revival (acoustic)’ album review

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Releasing today (Feb. 24, 2017), Hillsong Young & Free offers a “B-version” of their latest release, Youth Revival (2016—buy). Although this album is branded with the “acoustic” tag, to be more accurate to its contents, we would lean toward labeling it more of a “stripped-down” or “studio” alternative to its fully-live and slightly older sister. The tracks still contain Y&F’s signature sound, complete with synths and production, so if you’re expecting a bare foot, cross-legged, campfire comparison you will be disappointed. What is not a let down, however, is the album itself. One major standout is this musical format allows for the vocal abilities of Y&F’s members to shine even brighter, and there is unmistakable big talent within this Hillsong outfit (which should be of no surprise, considering its pedigree). Of Youth Revival (acoustic)‘s (buy) lone, mostly traditional acoustic song—”In Your Eyes”—we did wonder why they didn’t completely abandon the Moog’s and 808’s for at least a few more tracks, as the vibe on this was agreeable. Regardless, we enjoyed the new takes on these collection of songs and you will, too.

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