Hillsong Young & Free ‘III (Live at Hillsong Conference)’ Album Review
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(Hillsong Music)

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“Hindsight” & “Highs and Lows”

Hillsong Young & Free ‘III (Live at Hillsong Conference)’ Album Review

Hillsong Young & Free
III (Live at Hillsong Conference)
(Hillsong Music)

Hillsong Young & Free, the youngest addition to Hillsong’s roster of artists, takes their latest album to the stage with III (Live at the Hillsong Conference), capturing youthful energy and a maturing sound with their electrifying 16-song set. Y&F has established their sound, an EDM-inflenced take on vertical songs, and III, a studio album released earlier this year, found the band growing up, transcending simple pop worship with lyrical and musical maturity.

If you’re already a fan of III, you might not find too many surprises here. Favorites “Wake” and “Sinking Deep” appear, but this record mostly leans on the newest songs. Yet even if you’ve heard it all before, you’ll find a set list has an energetic, effortless flow, blending passionate pop with quieter moments, and balancing the interaction between band and crowd without distracting from the songs. Toss in some guest spots from Brooke Ligertwood and Chris Tomlin, and you get a solid live snapshot of this band on the rise.

–Jen Rose Yokel

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