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Eshon Burgundy – ‘The Passover’ album review
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“Dead Letter”

Eshon Burgundy – ‘The Passover’ album review

Eshon Burgundy, CCM Magazine - imageEshon Burgundy’s latest album isn’t necessarily a concept album per se, but it’s heavily rooted in the Biblical story of The Passover, with songs anchored in the before-and-after of God’s work in the life of the album’s protagonist. The veteran hip-hop artist exposes his own need for the gospel atop a largely old-school hip-hop feel that lacks aggression or even vivid tones that keep the focus on lyrics. Burgundy’s story is perhaps best told on “Dead Letter” where he says, “Dead to my sin, alive in the flesh/ life in my pen, a drum in my chest/ heart of conviction, grateful and blessed/ fully forgiven, tasting regret.” Passover is chill with lots of chew on.

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