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Derek Minor – ‘High Above’ album review
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"Walls" (feat. Urban Rescue)

Derek Minor – ‘High Above’ album review

Derek Minor, CCM Magazine - image

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Derek Minor releases his second EP, Part 2 if you will, in his ongoing Up And Away series slated to offer a span of releases that began with Sep. 1, 2017’s Your Soul Must Fly (buy) to…well, stay tuned. If Your Soul Must Fly was the launchpad—and yes, it displays its fair share of thunder and fire—High Above (buy) is every bit as descriptive in its sonic experience. Further relying on his strengths as one of Christian music’s busiest collaborators, High Above features more melodic voices that support the up-in-the-air nature on this set of tunes. Of course, the highlight on the album is Urban Rescue‘s feature on “Walls,” but this track would stand out on any album or project, and adds further emphasis to the many poignant questions heard in High Above. “We spend $9.99 on Spotify / But hearing my stomach rumble’s not worth 1 dime?” And, “Jesus walked with the poor, are we too good for that?” Lyrically, he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to grappling with major issues at hand, but unlike some of his previous releases, this EP reveals as little more of Minor’s heart for listeners to really know and live the Jesus way—almost like a killing-them-softly tactic, which is a welcomed approach and companion to the first EP. Tickling the ear very nicely, High Above is rounded out with plenty of earthy-jazz tones, maybe if for some small intent to remind us all Derek Minor does still keep his feet firmly planted on the ground?


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