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Crowder – ‘American Prodigal’ album review
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Crowder – ‘American Prodigal’ album review

Crowder, CCM Magazine - image

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Inspiring and entertaining. Engaging and moving. American Prodigal (buy), the newest release from Crowder, features every flavor ever served up by David Crowder at one point or another and then some, a delicious array of musical styles brought together to his inimitable gift for melody. Only Crowder could get away with such a set list—e.g. the run of the hypnotic “Keep Me,” the electric burner “Run Devil Run,” the worshipful “My Victory,” the saloon stomp of “Prove It” on the album’s front end—but, then again, he’s the only one who’d even try such a brilliant move. Crowder’s commitment to experiment with traditional recipes has always been a significant part of his draw, and American Prodigal is an exciting new cookbook.

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