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Chris Sligh – ‘Mighty Roar/Healing Flood’ album review
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Chris Sligh – ‘Mighty Roar/Healing Flood’ album review

Chris Sligh, CCM Magazine - image

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The newest album from former American Idol alum Chris Sligh is steeped in familiar worship refrains and scriptural references, but rather than feeling like a typical worship leader release, Mighty Roar/Healing Flood (buy) offers up a synth-pop flavored set of vertical songs that stand out. Tracks like “Freedom Song,” “Stripes,” and “Fill This Place” play with the electronic toys available to artists today without losing their worshipful heart, while others like “You Are God” and “Mystery of Love” will appeal to longtime Sligh fans with their centric, familiar approach. Sligh has been proven as a gifted songwriter and vocalist, and both remain very clear on Mighty Roar… even as he enjoys exploring new influences.


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