Caitie Hurst ‘How Can I Be Silent’ Album Review
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Centricity Records

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Caitie Hurst ‘How Can I Be Silent’ Album Review

Caitie Hurst
How Can I Be Silent
(Centricity Records)

If one were to amass a who’s who lineup of production wizards, place their best work with a killer artist on a single album, you’d likely end up with a pop gem just like Caitie Hurst’s debut project, How Could I Be Silent.

Already making her mark in radio with the hit single of the same name (peaking at No. 2), Centricity’s latest signee has delivered an album that sonically rivals anything on the market, while, lyrically, unapologetically takes flying leaps into the kind of authenticity that’s both compelling and contagious.

With pristine vocal control, Hurst has mastered the balance of power and restraint—at times almost too well. The slick production and spot-on performance in each song teeters on predictability, making it easy to gloss over powerful lyrics and thought-provoking spiritual and social commentary, However it’s perfectly delivered on the highlight track “Answers.”

Overall, project is a stunning debut and is indicative that Hurst is just getting started.

—Caroline Lusk


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