Bryan & Katie Torwalt ‘Praise Before My Breakthrough’ Review
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(Jesus Culture)

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“My Hallelujah”
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Bryan & Katie Torwalt ‘Praise Before My Breakthrough’ Review

Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Praise Before My Breakthrough
(Jesus Culture)

Bryan & Katie Torwalt’s new five song EP, Praise Before My Breakthrough, thematically lives in the tension between light and dark, or rather where the two actually meet, and the Torwalts’ response to that strain. “My Hallelujah” feels more like a hopeful prayer than bold declaration as the Jesus Culture worship leaders sing, “Nothing can take away my hallelujah/No darkness can contain my hallelujah.”

The slow ambient build of the title track is perfect for the confession, “I will sing because I trust you”—an offering from Katie to her creator, given in faith that God will be and do what He has promised in spite of the present moment that looks bleak. Other tracks like “Be With Me” and “Arms of Grace” are equally tender tracks that either ask for or offer healing at deeper levels, at places where the push and pull of life has proven to be too much. Despite its limit in scope at only five tracks, Praise Before My Breakthrough is a musical companion for our broken places.

–Matt Conner

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