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Brad + Rebekah – ‘Sound Of Heaven’ album review
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Brad + Rebekah – ‘Sound Of Heaven’ album review

Brad + Rebekah, CCM Magazine - image

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There aren’t many stories in the world of Christian music quite as heart-warming as husband-wife duo Brad + Rebekah. And with their latest release Sound Of Heaven (buy)—their seventh in just ten years as a mostly independent act—there is an even greater sense of the calling on their lives emanating through their most current sounds. Sound Of Heaven perfectly encapsulates what these two are all about: serving the least of these, equipping the church through song, and making excellent music to perfectly round-out the mission. For the last eight years the couple has merged their ministry with Watoto, a childcare agency based in Uganda, from serving on the ground to donating proceeds of album sales directly to the organization—highlight alert: children from Watoto are featured on the song “Never Alone.” The album itself feels complete, as it ranges from the poppy (“Sound Of Heaven” and “Sing”) to the congregation-ready anthems with standouts “The Story,” “A Mighty Fortress,” and “No Greater Name”—all intentionally theologically sound, another mission accomplished by the duo on this latest release. If supporting great music is meant to have a broader, deeper meaning, look first and foremost to Brad + Rebekah.


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