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Audrey Assad – ‘Inheritance’ (Deluxe) album review
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Fortunate Fall

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“New Every Morning”
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Audrey Assad – ‘Inheritance’ (Deluxe) album review

Audrey Assad, CCM Magazine - image

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If it’s hard to get excited about reimagined takes of reimagined takes, we understand. We’d be suspect of such projects normally, but we’re always interested with Audrey Assad at the helm. Her February hymn release, Inheritance (buy), has received the “deluxe” treatment, adding new audio and video content, including four new takes on classic hymns with cellist Cara Fox. “Be Thou My Vision” will always pull the heartstrings, but “New Every Morning” is the most captivating new song of the bunch. If you’ve yet to pick up Inheritance for some reason (there’s no good one), then at least grab this deluxe version. Both meaning and beauty are abundant here.


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