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All Sons & Daughters – ‘The Collection’ album review
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All Sons & Daughters – ‘The Collection’ album review

All Sons & Daughters, CCM Magazine - image

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With such an indelible catalogue already, it seems as if the duo of singer-songwriters Leslie Jordan and David Leonard have been making music as All Sons & Daughters for much longer than just seven years, but with the release of The Collection (buy), they are indeed announcing the completion of the “band” as we know them. Leonard added, “Our involvement in music and in one another’s lives will not wane; it will just look different from the previous season.” So, with that foreshadowing, songs like “All The Poor And Powerless,” “Brokenness Aside,” “Reason To Sing,” “Called Me Higher,” “Christ Be All Around,” and “Great Are You Lord”—all of which are included in this career round-up—will hopefully lead right into a new season filled with new songs from the hearts and pens of Jordan & Leonard. For brand new fans, or for those who have loved this duo’s work from the beginning, The Collection is a perfect summary and soundtrack of songs that have touched the hearts of millions, and is encapsulated evidence of works that will easily endure indefinitely.


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