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Aaron Sprinkle – ‘Real Life’ album review
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Tooth & Nail

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Aaron Sprinkle – ‘Real Life’ album review

Aaron Sprinkle, CCM Magazine - image

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Aaron Sprinkle’s notoriety as a producer comes with a dark side, since it typically outshines his incredible work as an artist and songwriter. From outlets like Fair to his own solo work, Sprinkle’s body of work is every bit as impressive as the artists for whom he has produced. Unfortunately, very few people seem aware of his work. Real Life (buy) picks up where Water & Guns (buy) left off, an album that surprised fans with its electronic turn. Real Life remains in synthetic territory, musically speaking, even as Sprinkle is confessional on songs like “Washed Up,” where he sings Can I get washed up on the shore? / ’Cause I can’t fake this anymore. Guests like Copperlily’s Stephanie Skipper, Poema’s Elle Puckett and Eisley’s Sherry Dupree-Bemis contribute throughout the album, but Sprinkle has always been the star. It’s just that you never realized it.

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