7eventh Time Down ‘Brand New Day’ Review
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(BEC Recordings)

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7eventh Time Down ‘Brand New Day’ Review

7eventh Time Down
Brand New Day
(BEC Recordings)

Pop maestros 7eventh Time Down are back with their fourth studio album, Brand New Day, and fortunately for their fans, they haven’t changed the popular approach that’s brought them here. To date, 7TD has excelled in creating fun, loud pop anthems that are perfect for radio, and on Brand New Day, they’ve done it again.

The star of the record is “The 99,” a clap-along jam that will make everybody want to get up and move. The song, which calls to mind the story of Jesus leaving the 99 sheep in pursuit of the one that’s gone astray, is a powerful reminder Christ’s unfathomable love for us. The album’s opener “I Have Decided” is other standout track, a passionate and direct statement of belief in God and His mission set to a synth-heavy, danceable melody.

Brand New Day is a really fun album, but it’s also one that carries clear messages about the importance of God’s love and the vitality of the gospel.

–John Barber

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