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The October 15, 2015 edition of CCM Magazine

Unless it surrounds an enormous event, for example, the GMA Dove Awards (of which we will be covering in our Nov. 1 edition!), we usually donít intend to link our featured stories to one particular theme or subject. As I have sat down to write these editor’s notes over the past few months, I’ve found that, more often than not, there is a very natural tie-in between the subjects we end up covering within the confines of a particular magazine release.

Such is the case with our October 15 issue. In the pages ahead, you’ll read about the enduring power of a songBuilding 429‘s Jason Roy goes in-depth on the music that helped to shape his faith, and how it still resonates with him today. Jon Foreman‘s new project, The Wonderlands, is filled with musical masterpieces, and discusses with us the ways in which music and song both speak to him, and offer an outlet for his most precious thoughts and emotions.

Just this morning, while at the home of Natalie Grant, amidst presenting the songs from her new album, she paused to eloquently remind us not to forget the pure and simple gift of music.

Music has the power to evoke many things—a myriad of memories, pain, joy, sadness, laughter—it’s quite endless. I love how our particular niche of music, contemporary Christian music, can exhibit elements that are integral to our spiritual journeys. What songs have been influential to you in your walk with Christ, and why?

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