It’s that time of year…the hustle and bustle of the holidays have ended. A brand new year is about to begin. There’s a sense of renewal…a freshness that’s upon us during this time. And at this time of year—every year, well, since 1995, anyway—we anticipate what will end up being one of our biggest nights of the year.

I’ve always held NewSong to a high standard. When I was a youth in 19-ninety-something, our group at church performed a drama scene to “Arise My Love,” and years later (before January Jam, which eventually became Winter Jam) I remember seeing them rock a show at Florida State University when my sister was a student there. I loved their music, but there always seemed to be a deeper thing going on with those guys.

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The Jan. 1, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine

There are a handful of big tours in contemporary Christian music, most have come and gone, and some of us are aware of others in mainstream circles that may be ongoing crowd-favorites. But there’s something different—and special, just like a new year—about Winter Jam. Having the privilege to get to know guys like Eddie Carswell and Russ Lee the past few years, it’s evident that they’re different, too.


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