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The Jun. 1, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine

Somehow, it’s already June. If the whirlwind of time hasn’t passed you by, and if you’re in this particular field, you have more than likely already planned your summer vacations, youth and/or mission trips.

That’s okay! But as you turn the pages of this edition of CCM Magazine, pay special attention to our conversation starter with The Hands And Feet Project and our introduction to their new initiative, Ikondo. Before singing the dotted line on your Summer 2018 trips (we know you have to do that soon!), please be encouraged to think differently, as you think ahead.

What we’re saying, here, is that we strongly urge you, your family, youth groups, etc., to think about mission tourism as a viable option for future excursions, and specifically, experiencing this concept in the country of Haiti at Ikondo (pronounced: e-kon-doe). “Why Haiti? What’s an Ikondo, and what does it do?”

For a closer look and to answer those questions, again, please read the June 1, 2017 main feature, “Hands & Feet: Ikondo – The Step Between.” As you read, we also encourage you to hold tightly to those questions—and, it’s likely that you’ll have many more—but to use them as items to pack in your bags to take with you, rather than anchors weighing you down and keeping you from going…

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