But I think all of us would agree that Sarah was the closer. There is special power in hearing about the importance of fighting malaria from someone who contracted it as a child. There is added weight when arguing for continued funding of ARV (anti-retroviral) drugs if the argument is made by a Ugandan who was orphaned by AIDS.

Sarah’s soft-spoken appeal to these powerful leaders was direct and convicting. We left each meeting confident that they understood what’s at stake with the risk of these deep cuts in foreign assistance and will vote to continue full funding for each of these life-saving programs.

My wife Debbie and I first met our daughter twelve years ago, in 2005, on a Compassion International-sponsored fact-finding tour of East Africa at the height of the AIDS crisis. Little did we know that the seven-year-old who captured our hearts at a rural orphanage would someday walk the halls of Capitol Hill as a leading advocate for the world’s poor.

On this Father’s Day, I’m thankful to Jenny and the rest of our faith-based coalition for the vital work they do, and for giving Sarah a unique platform to tell her story. And I’m especially thankful for a daughter who both acknowledges God as the source of all good gifts and desires to use her story to save lives.

About Steve Taylor | Steve Taylor is a Nashville-based singer, songwriter, record producer, music executive, film-maker and actor. He is known for his involvement with groups such as the Newsboys and Sixpense None the Richer and currently performs in the band The Perfect Foil. His film-making credits include Blue Like Jazz and Down Under The Big Top. He and his wife Debbie are members of Hope Through Healing Hands’ faith-based Coalition For Healthy Mothers & Children Worldwide.

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