At the time of the publication of the July 15, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine, the official Jesus Freak Cruise will have just ended. Well, actually, we’re super late at getting the issue out (my most sincere apologies to everyone covered herein), so by all accounts that I’ve been able to see now, it was a huge success—fun times were had, lifelong memories were made, and, apparently, much food was consumed.

For the members of dc Talk themselves, it seems that this was the best of…everything. The whole, “getting the band back together” thing, uh—being in the Caribbean, sharing a boat ride with close tour mates and colleagues (past and present), friends and family, and getting the chance to engage on deeper levels with fans. TobyMac tweeted, “Full circle love. Prayin God does Nu thangs all over again.” Kevin Max, along with a pre-boarding picture of he, Toby, and Michael Tait, whimsically tweeted in Christopher Cross quotes, “Sailing…all caught up in the reverie, every word is a symphony.”

The inter-and-post-cruise social castings by artists and lucky attendees have only served to roughen the waters for those who weren’t happy about the whole idea of a cruise to begin with. As Max stated in his recent CCM Magazine cover story, “You’ve been waiting for fifteen years. At least this is the beginning of something, as opposed to nothing at all.” (Oops, mic drop! Nope…wait, he’s still holding it—and singing alongside Toby and Michael.) Officially, dc Talk has not announced a reunion, comeback, or even a new or reissued project. They’re still on intermission, folks.

So, don’t be a sore cruiser. As the boat has now docked, who knows what kind of future launch pad awaits? …Yes, you heard it here, first: July 20, 2019, dc Talk rocks the moon!

Paging Mr. Musk,
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