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The August 15, 2016 edition of CCM Magazine

In this edition of CCM Magazine, we get into discussions with Jon Cooper of Skillet, and Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew about what may make music distinctly “Christian.” Today, the lines seem a little more blurred as to what is considered by both the mainstream conscious and the contemporary Christian world as either, or potentially both.

Then, of course, you can bring in to the discussion artists of the modern worship movement, traditional hymn writers, heck, you can even throw southern gospel and country into the mix if you really want to muddy the waters… Or, how about artists like Alice Cooper, who now claim Christ, but continue to work their “day job?”

Inevitably, this is when someone from the back corner of the room will speak up and say, “Well, I’m a plumber. And I’m a Christian. So, does that make me a Christian plumber?” Ultimately, the conversation continues to circle around the “why,” eventually loosing sight of the “Who” (and, no, not the English rock band).

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  1. Excronimuss

    Kevin, your words of wisdom are buried beneath advertising banners that say “skip ad in 5 seconds” but don’t count down, in other words, no-one can get to your article to read it.

    • Kevin Sparkman

      Thanks for the heads-up, to avoid this problem in the future, it would be good to know what browser you were viewing the article in when you experienced the issue…

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