Back in May, we received the surprise that Hillsong UNITED were releasing their next album Wonder (buy) in early June. I’m completely okay admitting here that their previous project Empires (buy), didn’t particularly move me—sure, there were some highlights, but overall, it wasn’t my favorite.

Within the first thirty seconds of listening to the new title track I immediately knew that this release, for me at least, was going to be special. Soaking in the new sounds, it quickly began to hit home just how anointed these guys (and gals, of course) really are. From the I see the Jesus Way to the If creation sings Your praises, so will I lines, I began to realize that all this stuff we’re covering isn’t about what we like or dislike, it’s not about me (boy, doesn’t that message apply to so many things right now?), it’s not about comparing one album to the next…we all can get so lost and buried in the rubble of over complicating, well…everything (and many will say that I am CEO of this!).

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The Jun. 15, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine


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After both on-stage and front-office experience in the Christian recording industry, (including co-founding Exit 3 Entertainment, Inc. and General Manager of hip-hop label Beatmart Recordings), Sparkman returned to Salem in 2014 from a Dir. of Communications position in the United Methodist Church. He became the Managing Editor of CCM Magazine in January 2015.

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