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The Jul. 1, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine

I am continually amazed at how more often than not, issue by issue, the subjects we cover—as random as all of it can be (and often is)—seem to intersect each other, as if God had a plan all along.

In this issue, we rediscover longtime contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Solveig Leithaug. Known more recently for her involvement with Bill and Gloria Gaither (Women Of Homecoming DVD—buy, Finding Home album—buy, 2014, to name a few), Leithaug—a Norwegian native—enjoys a long standing and decorated career in the Christian music business. In her interview with Andrew Greer, Leithaug, also drawing parallels from her most recent album title, eludes to the subject of time, and how we are all ultimately not in control of it—to just “’show up,’” be present, and invite Jesus to do His beautiful thing.”

Our current cover artist, Kevin Max, is releasing a new single this month called “Plans.” The song itself completely embodies the fact that God is in control, and He really knows what He’s doing. Max explains in our cover Q&A that the song was only intended as a gift to a friend, a rough demo for their ears only. “If you fight the idea that He’s got a plan, then it’s going to become your plan, and it’s not going to be as amazing,” added Max.

So, if you’re consumed with the burden of having to be in complete control, figuring it all out, coming to the rescue, or making yourself available to be the hero… Relax. Just show up with all-faith, and He will do the rest.

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