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The Apr. 15, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine

In my last editor’s note I wrote about distractions. Distractions can muddy-up situations…at times, our lives. That’s what makes the stories behind two of our featured artists for the Apr. 15, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine so refreshing.

For new Integrity Music artist Greg Sykes, distractions have been a huge part of his life. Debilitating distractions that could have led him and his family, several times over, into total destruction. Instead, time and again, he was somehow able to cling to examples provided in scripture to be his guide. When his marriage was falling apart, it was a simple one-degree shift in refocusing his mind off of the distractions and on to the good things that God has done—want to guess how long they have now been married? (Hint: Read the article inside for the answer!)

And even what the enemy has tried to use against me / God will use it for my good and for His Glory –from “Reverse” by Greg Sykes (on new EP, Reversebuy)

Imagine leading worship for the first time and from the first note that is sung, you know that God Himself is calling you into a vocation of leading thousands upon thousands in worship and song? You almost instantly begin to co-bill tours with your musical heroes…practically, you’ve “made it!” Newly-signed artist and current college student Hannah Kerr’s story goes a little something like this. But the potential distraction of the spotlight is deflected by her simple dedication to just heeding the call—read for yourself, as she articulates her desire to only serve God through her music.

Now and always / I’ll let my lips be only for Your name / Lord, let my story be a glimpse of Your glory –from “Radiate” by Hannah Kerr (on Overflow, Black River Christianbuy)


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