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Distraction: noun 1) a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. 2) extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.

I’ll get to the reason behind the definition above in a moment, so don’t let the following be a distraction for you—uhh, thank you…[takes a bow].

Do words even matter? That question was posed in a video that I watched this week from publisher Thomas Nelson as they unveiled their new Comfort Print Bible. In the same week, my pastor touched on a word during his sermon that struck me like never before: distraction. A word I have probably used my entire life, but never really focused on the biggest part of it: traction.

As those behind the development of the Comfort Print Bible aimed to create a typeface that keeps readers more easily engaged, allow me to highlight some parallels between these two that I just couldn’t shake from my mind this week (click “play” in the image at the top of the post to watch the video on this page):
A word is nothing but a series of letters put together in a logical order—each of those letters has a feel, a personality, we call that character stated Klaus Krogh of 2K/DENMARK. “Put together,”“logical order…” to me, this describes being on track, and when we’re on track with Christ we develop real character.

Heidi Rand Sorenson said of the typeface, that it’s a precise tool for communication & comprehension—it helps the readers eyes flow easily & uninterrupted. A distraction is an interruption—when we’re off track, we are interrupted from doing what God wants us to do, communication with Him, a deeper understanding.


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