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Is today the day I may die for my belief in Jesus?

When I was offered the role in the new film I’m Not Ashamed (October 21, 2016, Pure Flix) I was also given an opportunity to write a song for the film soundtrack. The script and story of the Columbine High School shootings in 1999 was so overwhelming, it brought me to tears. Rachel Scott was ready to die that day for her belief in Jesus. She had already come to the place in her walk with God that she knew how to react and exactly what to say. I’m sure underneath her confident words affirming her belief in Jesus Christ, her heart pounded knowing this could be her last moment alive. But she didn’t hesitate.

Rachel was willing to stand up for her faith, even at the cost of her life, that encourages all of us to do the same. Jesus was with Rachel in her time of greatest need…and He’s with us too. I wanted to write a song that captured her confidence and boldness in Christ. I struggled, because even though I understood the reality she went through, the words I wrote didn’t seem to be good enough. I was given her journal to read and it was then that I realized what words needed to be sung. In fact, many of the lyrics in this song are directly from her journal of poems and random thoughts about her faith and dealing with fellow teens.

Rachel Scott understood what Jesus wanted from all of us, especially teens.

Jesus faced a moment in the garden before he was given to be arrested the night before he crucified. He knew that he would have to die for his belief in God and the purpose he was on the earth. He struggled in prayer even bargaining with God that he wouldn’t need to actually DIE for what he was asked to be and do. But Jesus, as a regular human being, made a choice to ignore his self-preservation and his own desire to be just like everyone else and agreed to obey God instead.

As a teen, we don’t often think about dying for being a Christian. In fact, many of my Christian friends just go to church, pray with their family and go through the same routine each day just like me. We are kind of programmed to be a normal Christian in America. But the Bible didn’t ask us to be normal. The Bible asked us to be abnormal (peculiar) and be bold about our belief in Jesus. When our friends and society are begging us to defend immoral lifestyles and choices, we have a choice. When the TV shows we may see demonstrate living a life that isn’t holy, we have a choice. When we go to school and are presented with the opportunity to speak or act in ways that wouldn’t be pleasing to God, we have a choice.

Just like Jesus in the garden, we have a choice to be ready to die for what we believe God wants from us, and that is to be bold and unashamed of Jesus 24/7.

So tomorrow morning when you wake up and go through your morning routine, will you be ready to face your friends and peers with boldness in who you represent? Would you be willing to die?

Are you not ashamed of Jesus?
– Abigail

About I’m Not Ashamed | Opening in theaters October 21, Pure Flix presents I’m Not Ashamed, the inspiring true story of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine High School. Based on her honest and heartfelt journals, this hope-filled story reminds us that when we put our lives in God’s hands, we can make a world of difference. Watch videos, learn more about the story, and find theaters at: ImNotAshamedFilm.com. Order Abigail Duhon‘s single, “I’m Not Ashamed” on Amazon.

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