For this issue of CCM Magazine we take a deeper look into the recent works of former Delirious? member Stu Garrard’s The Beatitudes Project. Of the eighteen original tracks on the musical album Beatitudes (buy), one of the many highlights is “Stu G’s” collaboration with Martin Smith on the song “Holy Troublemakers.” Beyond the excitement of seeing these two working together again and the sounds they have created, is this confrontational message…and we love it.

I’m a troublemaker / I’ve come to speak my mind / Born to be a rebel / The rebel of a holy kind / I won’t raise my fist in anger / But I lift my hands in praise

What if we sought Christ for the words that we speak to each other—from face-to-face communication to comments and posts online? What if we were to rebel against what the world wants us to say or do to our neighbor, and reach our hand outward…upward?

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The May 15, 2017 edition of CCM Magazine


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