Nashville, TN (September 9th, 2022)
Two-time GRAMMY Award winner and multi-platinum selling Christian music artist Zach Williams has released another song from his much-anticipated third studio album. The highly relatable and introspective track, “Looking For You,” looks back on all the challenges Williams has been through that have led him to this point in his life, however unexpected.

“It might be the most personal song on the record,” Zach explains. “It reminds me of an old saying, ‘The first place you find something is the last place you look for it.’ I’ve tried to fill all these holes in my life. The material things I thought would make me happy didn’t. In some respects, this sums up the record. I’ve been down a lot of roads to get to where I am today.”

Watch the lyric video for “Looking For You” HERE:

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