Nashville, TN (June 10, 2022)
GRAMMY-nominated, GMA Dove Award-winning and Stellar Award-winning worship leader and pastor William McDowell has released an exclusive live video of ‘Still Moving’ captured live at the last Habitation conference.

The song, which featured on McDowell’s 2018 album The Cry, is the testimony of William McDowell’s church, Deeper Fellowship Church. For a few years now, the church has been experiencing a new velocity of the miraculous and ‘Still Moving’ puts to melody what God has been doing in this place and with these people. The song remains one of the most powerful moments of the night when The Cry, was recorded, as members of Deeper Fellowship came on stage to share their testimony of healing—from a woman who was paralyzed and now walks to an entire family who contracted a life-threatening amoeba and were immediately healed, and a heart condition disappearing through the power of prayer. These are just three of the hundreds of miraculous stories coming out of that community.

The live video captures how McDowell weaves stories of God’s intervention in people’s lives with the song, powerfully declaring that God is “still moving/still proving just how great He is!” William McDowell adds that for anyone coming to experience what the Lord continuing to do in the church community, “God would be your testimony. His presence has made a habitation there.” The powerful context of this new live video raises faith and glorifies God.

To date, Deeper Fellowship Church has recorded over 300 different healings and miracles and the revival doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The congregation has grown from a group of 15 to more than 1,000 in just five years, and William McDowell is expectant as the church approaches Habitation 2022, the first conference since the pandemic! The new live video of ‘Still Moving’ and the many life-changing testimonies it contains is live today.

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