Nashville, TN (March 27, 2019)
With his first solo project, Unveil, worship leader, songwriter, husband and father Jon Egan has created a gathering of worshipful songs that can only come from the furnace of real life. The 13-song live collection is wrapped full of songs bearing hope, joy, and community.

Running towards worship as the way through life’s ups and downs, Egan decided to go back in order to move forward in preparing for his debut album, drawing inspiration from older influences such as Vineyard Music and early Delirious? albums. Also co-writing a few of the songs with Jason Ingram, Mia Fieldes, Chris McClarney, Jacob Sooter, Mitch Wong, among others, there was one goal in mind for Egan with Unveil. “I want my generation to hear this and remember why they fell in love with the presence of God. I hope it takes them back to that place, reminding them to do the things they did when God first captured their hearts. And I hope those coming up discover what this is all about, which is a love relationship with the King and an unveiling of His glory and presence so extraordinary that they can’t help but go further.”

Unveil was recorded live at Egan’s church home, New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and made from more than seven hours of pure worship with the congregation over the course of five months. “My church family has never been more heard than on this project, and I felt the love and support of the church like never before,” he shares. “Most of the vocals are completely raw – it is as it happened. My church sang along and led the way, never actually knowing we were capturing it all. I wanted it to be real.”

A few of the songs were also recorded with 4,000 teenagers during the church’s 18th Annual Desperation Conference. “The way they worshipped and sang these songs changed everything for me. It was after the conference that I realized, ‘this just might work!’

“I love my church, and they have carried me in ways they’ll never know,” he explains. “When I considered packing it up and doing something else with my life, the church is what always pulled me back and these songs are theirs more than they are mine. Unveil is the sound of real people who have stayed the course.”

Jon Egan has created a collection of much-needed worship songs, but it’s even more than that. It captures the cry of a worship leader who’s walked the long road and still believes in the power of resurrection. For much of his life Egan has fought with fear and anxiety, and in worship, he has seen the most life erupt from that darkness. And he is seeing resurrection – in his own life and in those around him.

He concludes, “I hope Unveil portrays that rawness and realness as you listen to real people playing and singing, real people who are in their journey of the in-between – between death and resurrection, people who are in the waiting, in the groaning, people who can help others know they are not alone and that Jesus is there.”


Unveil track listing:
1. “The Name We’re Running To”
2. “This Changes Everything”
3. “Pure Exaltation”
4. “Unveil”
5. “Unveil (Spontaneous Prayer)”
6. “What You Said”
7. “Be Strong”
8. “Glorify (Musical Prelude/Prayer)”
9. “Glorify”
10. “Everlasting Joy”
11. “Open The Gates”
12. “Nehemiah (Stand Strong)”
13. “The Table”

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