Philadelphia, PA (December 27, 2021)
Worship Leader/singer/songwriter Amanda Danziger is set to release her new project throughout 2022. The song “Vindicate” is the first installment of Amanda’s Seasons project. “Vindicate” is the wintery start to this journey. Written by Amanda Danziger and Filipe Michael, the listener will experience the journey of winter, dreaming, and hope.

“Last winter, we moved into our first home, a house perched on a hill in the woods. Every time the snow fell, there were so many days of peace and quiet around here— it forced me to learn to enjoy the moments the winter brought even if it felt long and daunting.” —Amanda Danziger

After completing the melodies and lyrics, Amanda approached her co-writer Filipe Michael to help produce and create the story of “Vindicate.” “When I explained this to my co-writer, Filipe, I wanted it to be clear that the musical piece we created would feel like the listener is wandering through an oil painting of winter, and they could envision the lights and colors the evening sky brings.” The beginning of the bridge is where all hope comes alive and the listener finds themselves in a dream of Northern Lights.

“One of my favorite things about working with Amanda is the way she explains how a song is written. Before I even sit down in my studio, Amanda has already painted a picture in my head of how everything should get pieced together. We’ve established a relationship to work as co-writers which has given us that spark and flow over the past few years of working together,” co-writer Filipe explains. Filipe has worked on all projects with Amanda, first as a producer on her debut EP, Head & Heart. Currently he co-writes with Amanda and still maintains the responsibility of producing the artistry.

The Seasons will begin with the winter release of “Vindicate” on January 21, 2022, and then new singles will follow in the Spring and Summer, with the final reveal as an EP in Fall of 2022. The EP will explore the sounds and changes of the seasons, along with the tracks previously released.


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