Nashville, TN (November 7, 2019)
We The Kingdom 
is a multi-generational family of musicians, including producers and songwriters Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Franni Rae Cash, Martin Cash and Andrew Bergthold. The group has an interesting cross-genre blend of folk, Americana, worship, and roots music and recently released a 6-song live EP, Live At the Wheelhouse, on Sparrow/Capitol CMG.

Watch We The Kingdom’s “Dancing On The Waves” Video:

“Dancing On The Waves” Lyrics:
I’m standing at your door
My heart is calling yours
Come fall into my arms

You’re weary from it all
Been running for too long
I’m here to bring you home

I’m reaching out
I’ll chase you down
I dare you to believe
How much I love you now

Don’t be afraid
I am your strength
We’ll be walking on the water
Dancing on the waves

Look up and lift your eyes
The future’s open wide
I have great plans for you

Your past is dead and gone
Your healing has begun
I’m making all things new

I set every star into place
So that you would remember my name
I made it all for you

But you are my masterpiece
You are the reason I sing
This is my song for you

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