Los Angeles, CA (August 8, 2020)
DREAM Records group We Are Leo has released its next track, “Light Pink Roses.” The track, part of a long tail strategy of releases culminating with an EP later this year, was produced by singer David Duffield. “Light Pink Roses” showcases the band’s musical transition with a blend of beautiful vocals and packed with fun programmed instrumentation.


“’Light Pink Roses’ is a song we wrote about finding the beauty, joy + grace of God when life’s at its darkest. Having personally struggled with Mental Health issues such as anxiety and depression, this song is written to come alongside those in that fight to let them know they are not alone, and as a reminder of the hope and healing for us in the Love of Jesus. This topic is something that has deeply impacted us over the last 3 years as we’ve toured to 150+ schools talking about hope and mental health to students. We’ve been moved by the stories we’ve heard from people who are dealing with everything from anxiety, bullying, abuse, and loss of faith to suicidal thoughts. It is our hope and prayer that Light Pink Roses will help people feel like family and find joy in the things that are True, Noble, Lovely, and Excellent. (Philippians 4:8)” —David Duffield

Check out “Light Pink Roses” below:


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