Nashville, TN (May 12, 2021)
The public spotlight is not unfamiliar to Michele Pillar. She has been a world renowned figure for 40 years, a famous Christian music artist since the age of 19 and 3-time Grammy nominee. Now an author and public speaker for life changing women’s events, Michele never expected that her latest book, Untangled, The Truth Will Set You Free, would get into the hands of Dr. Phil. It recently did just that and has inspired a multi-segment appearance on Dr. Phil’s show Thursday, May 13.

The Dr. Phil Show episode features a riveting conversation with Michele and Dr. Phil, in which she poignantly shares the life-changing miracles of faith that transformed her personal childhood trauma into a source of healing and hope for many around the world.

Due to Michele’s desire to speak especially to hurting women, because she once was one, her vulnerable heart often reaches deep, and Dr. Phil encourages her to reach even deeper and help others through her own pain, experience and healing story of inspiration. Tune in to experience the compelling conversation that will change lives.

Watch the Untangled book trailer:

About Michele Pillar:
Author, speaker and 3-time Grammy nominee, Michele Pillar has a story everyone should hear. Her journey of courage began as a child when she found herself routinely hiding under her twin bed to escape the violent behavior caused by her mother’s addictions and many subsequent life-altering experiences. Yet, due to much deep “heart” work, a remarkable trust, miraculous life experiences and her strong faith, looking back, Michele feels only gratitude. Michele’s recognition from her early music career, her many #1 radio hits, chart-topping records and national tours built a strong foundation for her personally and professionally, but also uncovered the deep memories, painful past and trauma that she rivetingly unpacks in her book & song: Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free.

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