The June 14 episode of the Trevor Talks podcast features singer and former pastor Todd Tilghman, winner of The Voice season 18.

In his conversation with host Trevor Tyson, Todd Tilghman shares a candid look at what it was like to navigate one of the world’s biggest singing competitions during a global pandemic, from his blind audition with Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” to his poignant cover of “I Can Only Imagine” to his winning performance of original song “Long Way Home.”

Todd also offers podcast listeners a look into his family’s journey. During their 22 years of marriage, Todd and his wife Brooke have added 8 children to their family, several of whom are adopted. He also spent nearly a decade pastoring Cornerstone Church in Meridian, Mississippi, before his time on The Voice prompted a move to the Nashville area to pursue his calling towards music. This journey is central to his upcoming book Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy.

“Somewhere in 2017, I knew that I would be doing something different,” Todd says of his shift from full-time pastoral ministry into music. “God knew what I didn’t know, which was that The Voice was coming, and it would be a big thing. When it did happen, I had the wherewithal to realize this is it, this is the shot. This is the thing that’s going to shift me into whatever’s next.”

In addition to his win on The Voice and writing a book, Todd Tilghman has released two country music Apple Music chart-toppers since his season of The Voice wrapped. You can learn more about him by following him on Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can listen to more episodes of Trevor Talks on Spotify and Apple Music.

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