Nashville, TN (May 22, 2020)
On March 12, Awakening Events paused five national concert tours. For a national tour producer, COVID-19 presented very unique challenges. The idea for outdoor live concerts came about during discussions with the Newsboys team. The concept, a first-of-its-kind for Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) will showcase the best in CCM starting with tours featuring Newsboys United, and TobyMac.

“Everyone was looking for answers on how we could play live again. An email from the NEWSBOYS management team, saying Dan, look at this list of Drive-Ins, was the spark that created the fire to do what we do, again. Then immediately came discussions with our partners. Through those discussions, we identified an even bigger opportunity for the CCM industry to serve America during this time,” said Dan Fife, President of Awakening Events.

“Awakening Events has produced concerts nationwide for years, their heart to minister while providing quality entertainment made them the perfect partner for this concept,” said NEWSBOYS manager Wes Campbell. He also added, “The Drive-in Theater concept allows fans to gather together again safely while taking part in the live concert experiences that both Newsboys and TobyMac have been known for providing for years.”

“We are so excited to be able to come and play to fans all across America,” said Michael Tait, lead singer of Newsboys United. “COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, but through it, we have learned that love is patient and love is kind. Now we have the opportunity to come together safely and express our love for our Creator who has been with us through these trying times.”

“A few Saturday nights every summer my family and I head to a local drive in movie theater. We always love it,” said TobyMac. “When we started discussing live shows in this quarantine season and the idea of playing drive-ins came up… I said, let’s gooooo! It feels like summer, safe for everybody, and we all get to enjoy live music again. We bout to make some memories.”

To accommodate social distancing, tickets will be sold by the car, ensuring fans will be able to experience the concerts with those closest to them, while also adhering to safety guidelines.


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