Nashville, TN (May 6, 2022)
Thrive Worship has released its latest album, Pour Your Spirit Out, recorded live in their home church, Bayside Church. Following the release of their 2021 EP Let’s Have Church, this new album is the culmination of years’ worth of conversations among the California-based worship team about life, theology, society, and values.

Pour Your Spirit Out encapsulates who Thrive Worship is at its core: people who are earnestly and honestly seeking the Lord while wrestling with questions and seeing through a window dimly. Yet, their hope remains strong and is expressed with songs that are deeply personal and speak of glimpses into eternity—where the unthinkable awe and wonder of the Lord on the throne, the incredible hope of the Gospel, the unimaginable joy and love we have in Jesus—shines through. Pour Your Spirit Out seeks to lead the church in worship that transpires with the spirit and the truth.

With this 16-track album, Thrive Worship hopes not only to encourage but to create worshippers. Worship leader Corbin Phillips concludes, “We hope this project offers something ancient and sacred and yet something new and refreshing by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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