Los Angeles, CA (February 11, 2021)
The Color is proud to announce the release of its new radio single “After My Heart” to all digital retail outlets today. Produced by Jeff Owens (Tenth Avenue North), Patrick Mayberry (Joel Vaughn, Landry Cantrell, Mack Brock) and Bede Benjamin-Korporall (Life.Church Worship, Coby James, Hillsong Young & Free), “After My Heart” is a celebratory anthem that serves as an encouragement and reminder that, no matter where we are at in our lives, God is in constant pursuit of our hearts

The multitrack release also comes with a remix by Neon Feather and a music video that was produced by Tyler Friesen and directed by Andrew Bergen, Brenton Penner and Dustin Wiebe.


The group shares their thoughts on their new single.
“God is in a constant pursuit of us and He’s not waiting for us to fix our problems first. Trying to be or look good enough is exhausting, and always leads to failure. But you see, God actually wants us where we are at. In all of our sin, in all of our mess. Because God is the one that redeems our sin and our messed up lives. Yes, God wants our obedience, but He’s not after perfection, He’s after our heart.” —The Color



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