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NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Tenth Avenue North’s current single, “I Have This Hope,” moves into the Top 10 at Christian radio as the band releases a new music video for the song. The band debuted the music video with K-LOVE Radio and has also provided an interesting way for fans to share the song. To watch the official video for “I Have This Hope” on this page, please click the “play” button above.

“I Have This Hope” is from Followers (buy), the band’s fifth studio album. See below why radio programmers have been praising the single.

“It’s hard to find a more sincere and meaningful cry for hope on my current playlist right now.” | Al Skop, SiriusXM
“Love the song, love the message, think it really speaks to our audience.” | Mike Prendergast, KLTY/Dallas
“I think this song will be used for years to come to provide hope to those that need it the most.” | Mike Blakemore, WFSH/Atlanta
“The last year has been rough for Orlando. The Pulse tragedy, Hurricane Matthew and the loss of two police officers has shell shocked our community. Tenth Avenue North’s ‘I Have This Hope’ is proving to be a healing salve on our hurting home town.” | Dean O’Neal, WPOZ Orlando
“‘I Have This Hope,’ draws me in to remind me that we can remain hopeful despite our circumstances. Hope is an anchor for joy, through flood or fire…regardless of what’s happening, God is present, and we can believe He has a future for us.” | Kelly Corday, KLJY St. Louis

The personal, tender ballad was written during a time of personal uncertainty in guitarist’s Jeff Owen’s life. Jeff’s sister-in-law, a 32-year-old mother of three, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She began chemo treatments in early February of 2016 just as the band first began writing for Followers. Rooted in Isaiah 43, “I Have This Hope,” was penned in her honor.

“For the most part, the things I see in Scripture are really not the promise of this plan working out a certain way, but it’s the promise of His presence with us through whatever happens,” front man Mike Donehey observes. “God doesn’t say, ‘You will be spared of tragedy.’ He says, ‘Tragedy won’t crush you; it won’t overwhelm you; it won’t consume you. I am with you.’

Two-and-a-half months after the song was written, when the band entered the studio to record the song, Owen’s brother and sister-in-law received the news that her cancer was in remission. It was divine intervention and a literal in-studio reminder to the band that God is in the details.

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