The Well Launches New Record Label, Reveals Numerous Acts

Syntax Creative has partnered with The Well Music, a new record label under The Well Community Church, a multisite Christian church in California’s Central Valley. The Well Music will begin its mission — to produce music that is reliable sonically and theologically — by releasing singles by artists Autopilot Down, Overcomers, The Lovely, Eden Again and Cathedral Within.

“Historically, worship music has gravitated toward one of two extremes,” The Well Directional Pastor, Brad Bell, said. “Either it’s really good lyrically, meaning it has sound theology, but the music is archaic and doesn’t have the legs to reach our culture. Or it tends to be catchy and current, but is void of any substance. The Well Music plans to create theologically robust lyrics that are paired with good musicality.”

“For decades, record labels have been siphoning talent that was cultivated in the church,” Syntax Creative CEO, Tim Trudeau, said. “Beyoncé, Katy Perry, John Legend, Whitney Houston, Usher, Marvin Gaye, Carrie Underwood and Sam Cooke … to name a few. It’s great to see a church intentionally play a more active role in developing how the talent will be used and the person behind the talent. The Well wants to create beautiful, God-honoring art, have a voice in our culture and create a sustainable business. I want to help them accomplish that.”

The diversity within The Well, having many campuses located in different neighborhoods, has led to diversity within the music. Sonically, the bands range from rock to hip hop and everywhere in between — and sometimes blended together.

“Our hope is that through the Well Music, we would realize that worship is not merely in a building, lyrics projected, amps turned up, some sort of song playing,” Bell said. “Instead, worship is an all-throughout-the-week expression. These songs are anthems that draw us back to the heart of God, back to what it means to be the church.”

The Well and Syntax are thrilled to begin their partnership.

“I’ve known Timothy for over 15 years now,” Sam Hart said. “Not only do I like him and the rest of the guys at Syntax as people, but I also trust them as experts in their field. I consistently find myself relying on them to guide me through a constantly-changing environment. I am thankful for them and their company and look forward to partnering with them.”

“Sam is driven,” Trudeau said. “I was blessed to tour with him for a few years, as well as do several other projects together. Sam is one of those rare individuals that has both administrative and creative abilities.”

The Well is a multi-site church with an average attendance of 3,000 people located in the central valley of California. To learn more, visit:

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