Nashville, TN (May 27, 2022)
IVAV Christian hip-hop artist Steven Malcolm has released the California-kissed anthem “Summertime,” featuring a show-stopping appearance from global rap star Snoop Dogg, available now.

Listen to “Summertime (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jay-Way)” HERE:

“It’s surreal to hear Snoop on this song!” Malcolm says of his childhood hero. “I’m a legit fan. I made my mom buy me Chuck Taylor All-Stars in 5th grade because of Snoop. I had a huge afro growing up because of Snoop. I wore flannel because of Snoop.” For Malcolm, “Summertime (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jay-Way)” marks a new milestone in a career that continues to expand and electrify.

“When I got signed and began traveling as an artist, I fell in love with LA,” Malcolm explains. “It’s my crush! As a Midwest guy, I find every excuse to go out there, and the West Coast music that comes out of that city has always been amazing.”

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