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Surrounding the recent Stellar Awards events in Las Vegas, NV, TV One caught up with Snoop Dogg—fresh off of releasing his debut gospel album Bible Of Love (buy)—to get his reaction to some of the supposed “negative buzz” about the project. A cool, calm, and collected Snoop Dogg responded with, “This is not a money-driven project, it’s a spirit-driven project,” “I’ve referred to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on most of my recordings—letting people know that I am a born-again Christian…”

When the TV One correspondent asked his opinion of people questioning “secular artists” making gospel albums, Snoop replied, “Well, the devil is a liar—I thought church was supposed to welcome sinners?” Furthermore, he added, “If the church was full of saints, it wouldn’t be right…” Watch the TV One interview on this page by clicking “play” above.

CCM Magazine defended the rapper’s project in a review published last month stating, “A true gospel record—a, real, ‘take-you-to-church affair’ that will have you checking to make sure you’ve got your robe on right,” and “To sum it all up, Bible Of Love is surprisingly impressive—there’s so much music and so many iconic featured artists here, it’s hard to compress our reaction…” (READ full review).

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