Nashville, TN (September 30, 2019)
Atlanta-based Christian music band Smalltown Poets recently holed up in a Portland Oregon basement, on a rainy day, to write together. Encouraged by the fruits of their efforts, they continued into the next few days, hammering away at song ideas that took them into uncharted waters, in terms of content, stylings and, at times, even genres. The result was the bands new single “Try”…and it’s 4 different remixed versions. “Try” is the first glimpse into the results of those writing sessions, and points to the ongoing evolution of the multi-Grammy nominated band. The song was born of a strange experience for one of the Poets.

Appropriately, the song is a lively throwback to music of a bygone era, opening with a head-bobbing drum groove that makes you want to drive to the skating rink, electric piano tones that would make Billy Preston proud, disco bass, vocals a la ELO, and a punchy guitar solo to remind us that rock and roll is still alive. Frontman Michael Johnston’s soaring vocals, as ever, fall upon the ear like a warm hug. Put it all together and you have something that evokes the classics, is modern, and yet timeless.

Check out all 4 versions of “Try” here:

2-Try (Acoustic Version)
3-Try (Dreampop Version)
4-Try (Rock Version)

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