Athens, GA. (October 20, 2018)
Limesoda Films has announced the release of their independent feature film SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE, which opened in select theatres on October 19, 2018.

SMALL GROUP THE MOVIE (rated PG-13 for thematic material including brief violence and drug reference) is premiered in 100 theatres with additional showings to be added in the following weeks. Audiences can also request a showing in their city through theatre on demand.

The inspirational film takes audiences on a humorous, and surprisingly heart-felt, journey of a married couple who infiltrate a church small group that results in unexpected and life-changing events. The film challenges audiences to consider their own personal perspectives on faith, fellowship and community… and what purpose they serve in today’s culture.

Writer/director Matt Chastain’s authentic approach to the script was to avoid some of the cheesy tropes typically associated with faith-based films while maintaining a Biblically-sound story.

The film stars Sterling Hurst (Scott Cooper), Emily Dunlop (Mary Cooper), Matt Chastain (Shane Baxter), Caleb Hoffman (Billy), and Robert Reichel (Ballard the producer) and is written and directed by Matt Chastain.

Movie Overview:
After being hired to make a film about the dwindling influence of Christianity in America, filmmaker R. Scott Cooper (Sterling Hurst) moves his family from Los Angeles to Athens, GA. But soon learns that his producer intends to make a cheap hit-piece rather than an objective documentary.

Scott turns the job down to protect his journalistic integrity, but financial difficulties force him to negotiate with Ballard who deceives Scott into believing that he will, in fact, tell an honest story. In order to dive deeper than a public worship service will allow, Scott and his wife Mary (Emily Dunlop) join a small group at a local church, finding a group of imperfect people doing their best to live out their faith.

Scott soon finds himself immersed in a new life that includes fellowship, guy’s night out and an overseas mission trip …until a devastating event occurs that tests the authenticity of his own faith. As the Coopers’ relationship with their group grows, the producer exposes their infiltration. How will the small group react to the Cooper’s betrayal?

“I’m offering a no-cheese guarantee,” said Chastain. “I often hear Christian movies labeled as ‘sermon films’—because viewers’ experience is similar to attending a worship service. In a small group, however, you’re more real and vulnerable. You crack jokes you wouldn’t tell in church. You laugh together, pray together and even cry together. That’s the experience I want viewers to have with Small Group the Movie.”

The film was produced by Christos Hines and Dale Wheatley in Athens, Georgia. “Our goal was to preserve Matt’s vision of creating a film for groups of any kind to go out and enjoy in theaters across the country,” said producer Christos Hines.

“The idea for the movie came from my personal experience in a small group,” said Chastain, who also acts in the film. “Small groups help us stay humble, honest and accountable. For me, this creates a rich and limitless environment for storytelling.”

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