Nashville, TN (February 13, 2019)
Taking a cue from what he gets asked about most from fans, a desire to have some fun and to live out the golden rule, multi-platinum and GRAMMY® nominated Skillet front man John Cooper has officially launched his Cooper Stuff podcast today. Available on Skillet’s YouTube Channel, iTunes and more, Cooper’s goal is to post a new episode each month. With the first installment launching just before Valentine’s Day, the theme of the debut podcast sees Cooper taking an honest, no holds barred approach to what makes a successful relationship—drawing from his 21 year marriage to Korey Cooper.

“In many ways the social media world has created an angry culture where people are constantly screaming at each other over philosophical, theological or political differences,” explains Cooper. “I meet people who are honestly confused about how to live and how to be a good person. People wonder if it’s more virtuous to love and accept someone they disagree with, or to stand up and scream at someone they disagree with. I started the Cooper Stuff podcast for multiple reasons—it’s a more in depth look for the fans into who I am and what I think, but it’s also meant to be comic relief for an increasingly angry and stressed out world. I want to talk about living life in a really simple way. I want to share the Biblical foundations for the reason I hold these beliefs. It’s not actually that complicated to be civil to those who disagree with you- to be fair and honest—and to treat others the way you want to be treated-all while seeing the brighter side of life.”

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