Brampton, CAN (May 24, 2021)
Shawna Cain is a singer/songwriter, and all-around creative artist from the city of Brampton in Canada, who believes there’s no greater message than the one from above. Shawna is now celebrating her 2021 JUNO Award nomination for her 2020 EP, The Way.

The Way Album Playlist:

Music Video for ‘I Am A Spirit’:

About Shawna Cain:
Shawna was given her name by her father in honour of her uncle Shawn, who was tragically murdered in his neighbourhood before Shawna was born. Shawna’s name means “God is gracious.” It is evident that Shawna Cain’s life is a reflection of the grace bestowed upon her. At twenty-four years of age, Shawna is living proof that changing the way you think can change your life.

Growing up, Shawna suffered the trauma of divorce and living between two homes. The internal conflict of her own identity caused her to walk away from her foundation. During her teenage years, she yearned for something to fill the void she constantly felt. She began to turn to things that would instantly gratify her.

Rather than dealing with her internal bottled-up emotions, she began to find comfort in smoking marijuana. After fully immersing herself in an unstable relationship, which had a rough ending, Shawna felt broken and totally disconnected. She embarked on a downward spiral and began a relationship with addiction, anxiety, and overbearing sadness. From the outside, she was the life of the party. However, as her appetite for drugs and filling the emptiness grew, she began to look physically sick. She was starving for healing and wholeness within.

Shawna Cain’s destructive patterns were interrupted one night, as she was presented with a message of: “Let me heal you and show you who you really are.” Shawna was promised that she would be made whole again with all her broken pieces, and that they would complete her. That was a promise she had never heard before. The drugs couldn’t do it, and nothing else could, except for Jesus, whom she had encountered that night. As her newfound relationship with God blossomed, Shawna began to experience healing and direct inspiration to write music. The music became an outlet to showcase how her encounter changed the direction of her life. By speaking words of life, she has become a vessel in helping people become free from internal wounds, emotional bondage, experience encouragement and showing them the path of a life with purpose.

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