Nashville, TN (October 16, 2020)
Selah means “pause” in Hebrew—a concept which plays a thematic role in this group’s new album, Step Into My Story. The new album is set to release on Nov. 6, 2020 on the group’s newly-formed label, 3Cre8tive.

“Our band name means ‘to pause’—we borrowed it from the Psalms, and it’s appropriate for us right now because we literally paused, reevaluated our past, thought through next steps and are moving forward with the most incredible team and fan base anyone could ask for,” says Selah’s Todd Smith.

Allan Hall agrees, “These songs are personal and, because of COVID-19, we had time off the road to tighten things up—both personally and professionally. My personal journey includes losing more than 75 pounds and feeling healthier than I ever have; all of us have taken steps to see and create positivity during this time. We’re looking forward to hearing our fans’ stories!”

“I never thought I’d be homeschooling while releasing an album, and moving—but here I am!” says Amy Perry. “This record is our debut as label founders and there’s such a freedom and joy in this. Like seeing your child take their first steps. Like Allan said, we are here because of more than 23 years of music and incredible fans who allow us to do what we love doing.”

It’s not just a job—it’s a calling. Todd was raised in Congo, Africa, and is still involved with the Laban Bible Institute that his family founded over 40 years ago, and whose students have planted over 400 churches. His parents also started a medical dispensary, a women’s literacy program, and a radio station that has a potential reach of 8 million people. In addition, he and the band also support, a child sponsorship organization based in the U.S. that, to date, has served more than 14,000 children across 14 countries.

One of these children is Marcus Rixon. Now 33, Marcus was born into poverty in Kolkata, India. He was sponsored through OneChild for 14 years, and received an education, food and clothing. In August 2010, he bought a plane ticket to the U.S, and with only $50 in his pocket, boarded his first-ever flight—traveling from Kolkata to London, London to Chicago, Chicago to Louisville, and then drove to Wilmore, KY where he attended Asbury University and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

10 years later, Marcus Rixon—a husband, father, and proud U.S. citizen as of August 2019—owns Rixon Entertainment Group which manages artists… including Selah.

“Talk about full circle!” says Marcus. “Being sponsored by the same organization that the artist you manage helps raise funding and awareness for—it’s incredible. If anyone ever doubts the validity of a sponsorship program, OneChild is the reason I’m here and I’m beyond grateful to Selah for their diligence and constant support on behalf of children like me.”

With Step Into My Story releasing the same week as our nation’s presidential election, the 8-time GMA Dove Award-winning band is hoping its songs offer a sense of unity and a reason to pause, take a breath and reflect.

The first track, “Step Into My Story,” is available at DSPs now, and the album releases November 6.

Tune in to TBN at 7PM CT on October 30th to find out if Selah will pick up one or both of its 2020 Dove Awards for last year’s offering, Firm Foundation (Integrity Music).


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