Nashville, TN (March 4, 2022)
Integrity Music presents Selah’s brand new single, ‘Jesus Victorious (Jezus Overwinnaar).’ Over the last few months, Selah have been expressing their international story in a new and unique way by releasing original worship songs from around the world (India, Brazil, Indonesia, Sweden and France) Now, they introduce their new single ‘Jesus Victorious (Jezus Overwinnaar)’ originally written in the Netherlands by Mozaiek Worship.

Check out Jesus Victorious (Jezus Overwinnaar):

Led by Amy Perry, this version of ‘Jesus Victorious’ is an epic and expansive one, as her powerful vocals glide on the musical background. This song has been an anchor and a very personal one to hold on to for Amy as she has been on a journey towards health. “Listening to the melody and the original version was so powerful and beautiful. I knew it’d be a song I could grab hold of and it’s ministered to me so much over the last year,” she says. ‘Jesus Victorious’ is part of Selah’s upcoming international EP through which they will share the stories of the original writers, and why the message of these songs is larger than any nation or language could contain.

Together since 1997, eleven GMA Dove Awards, tours that have taken them from the Ryman Auditorium to Carnegie Hall, Selah is a seasoned trio who could at this point in their career write, record, and produce an album in their sleep. Formed of Todd Smith, Amy Perry and Allan Hall, Selah have been sharing a solid message of biblical truth through their eclectic sound as Todd explains, “Allan comes from East Tennessee, Amy is definitely the most worship as far as church worship, and I grew up with a lot of Gospel.” And each is well-represented in their music. Further proof of the band’s revived creativity results from working with multiple producers who have helped Selah flourish into who they are today.

Having earned a reputation for not only delivering compelling new anthems but also for reviving great hymns of faith, Selah populated culture with such enduring hits as ‘Press On,’ ‘Wonderful, Merciful Savior,’ ‘You Raise Me Up,’ ‘Hope of the Broken World’ and ‘All My Praise.’ The hope of Christ has kept Selah tethered after all these years, stronger than ever. They are artists. They are musicians. But they are also ministers. And entering their twenty-fourth year, that focus is still the same.

Todd, Amy, and Allan are so grateful to hear how God has used their music to impact others, and they treasure the times when fans share that with them. “We get letters and emails and people telling us after shows that they’ve let us into some of their darkest moments and I think it’s because we aren’t afraid to sing about hard things,” Hall shares. “Sometimes, people tell us that while their loved ones were dying of cancer they were singing our songs to them as they were passing. Words can’t describe how that makes me feel. To be let into those moments and for us to have that privilege – that God has let us take the gift of music and share it and do something that could help someone – is special.”

What transpires from Selah’s songs and experiences is hope—a central theme in their music. Sharing the gospel and encouraging believers has become a way of life, and they are grateful for the opportunity to continue serving. Expect to hear the seamless harmonies and powerful vocals Selah is known for as well as something a little different—the sound of an established trio with a powerful journey behind them and an exciting one ahead.

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