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LOS ANGELES, Cali.—Satellites & Sirens has released their sophomore release on DREAM RecordsTANKS (buy). Two years after the group’s debut on DREAM, One Noise (buy) which included their smash hit, “Jump Start My Heart,” the band comes back with a veracity of love, hope and joy in their new album. This twelve-song album has a musical plethora of sounds and features one track with DREAM Records artist, Joel Vaughn. The theme of the album is “Love Is The New Fight.”

“We live in a world that recently feels so filled with hate. I know it has always been there but it seems like racism, war, bullying, and just a lack of care for others has become the focus of so many news stories and Facebook posts that it’s in front of us more than ever. “TANKS” came from the idea that we as Christians are called to love even in the midst of all that this world could throw at us and if we chose to combat these things with love and make our “heart beat louder than the cry for war” then maybe we can make some changes.”  –Geoff Hunker

The album has been getting the attention of press and peers.  Check out what others are saying about TANKS.

“You won’t find a more relevant-sounding album that’s been recently released than TANKS. Boldly staking the claim that pop-rock synth-anthems are here to stay, the fellas of Satellites & Sirens lead this charge with all the right feels.” CCM Magazine


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